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Below are Who Am I questions about British Scientists.
Please use them in your Quiz or Trivia Nights free of charge.

I was born on the 18th of February 1933 in County Durham.

I was the fourth of five sons.

My father was a coal miner.

I attended Waterhouses Secondary Modern School.

My father insisted I continued to work as an electrician even though I was signed professionally to a sport.

Eventually, I gave up my trade for full time football.

I made my debut in 1950 for Fulham.

I participated in two ambassadorial Football Association tours in the West Indies and South Africa.

I made 20 appearances for the England national Team.

I was dropped out of the England team in favour for somebody else in a game against Scotland.

Following the 1958 World Cup, I became an established member of the England squad.

In 1959, my manager suggested that I took a coaching course.

I moved to Ipswich Town in 1969 where I became my reputation as a successful manager was established.

My success offered me a job for the national team.

I was awarded a number of honours for my contributions in football

I married Elsie.

I have three sons: Andrew, Paul and Mark.

In 1991 I was diagnosed with cancer.

I died in 2009 from lung cancer in County Durham.

My first name begins with B

My second name has 6 letters.

It begins with R.

Who am I?

Sir Bobby Robson

I was born in 1985 in Liverpool.

I grew up supporting my local football club.

I went to De La Salle School.

I was bought up as a Catholic.

I have younger brothers.

I began by playing for Liverpool Schoolboys.

In my early days, I held the record for scoring 72 goals in my local team.

Between 1995-96 I scored 114 goals in 29 games.

One of my senior debuts was a 2-2 home draw against Tottenham.

I became the youngest player for a national team.

I am thought to get paid over 140K per week.

In 2006, I signed the largest sports book deal in publishing history.

I was named 2002’s BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year.

In 2009/10 I was awarded the Player of the Year and the Footballer of the Year.

I moved teams for £25.6 million in 2004.

I have had endorsement deals with Nike.

I am the striker for a Premier League football club.

I play for Manchester United and England.

I was handed number 10 in 2007

I am married to Coleen.

I am a very famous footballer.

My first name begins with R.

My second name ends in Y.

Who am I?

Wayne Rooney

I was born on the 5th of December 1975 in West Midlands.

I live in Essex.

I attended Wanstead High School.

My mother is from Sicily.

I became the youngest ever winner of a ranking tournament aged 17.

I play a sport which has different coloured balls.

I won the 1998 Irish Masters.

I was disqualified after cannabis was found in a drugs test.

In 2004/05 I won the seasons Masters and Welsh Open Titles.

In a world championship I lost to Peter Ebdon.

In 2007/08 I withdrew from the first ranking even of the season, Shanghai Masters on medical grounds.

In 2008/09, I started the new season by winning the Northern Ireland Trophy

In 1996 I was found guilty of assaulting someone.

I play in a fast and attacking manner.

I am right handed but I can play to a high standard with my left hand.

I am considered the most naturally talented player in the history of Snooker.

My girlfriend is Jo Langley.

One of my hobbies is motor racing.

I am nicknamed ‘the rocket.’

My career earnings are over £6 million.

My first name begins with R.

My second name is O’Sullvian.

Who am I?

Ronnie O'Sullivan

I was born in 1977.

I am famous for playing a certain kind of sport.

I made my debut in 1998 at Trent Bridge.

In 1998 I became an integral player for England.

I have three children.

I was a guest commentator during a few matches in the World Darts Championship.

I suffered regular injuries in my international career.

I announced my retirement in 2009.

I developed deep vein thrombosis after surgery to my knee.

I became a team captain on a Sky1 television sports panel show.

I was named as the latest brand ambassador for men’s fashion brand Jacamo.

I married Rachael Wools in 2005.

I was a member of the Order of the British Empire in 2006.

I am the second highest English wicket taker in one day international cricket.

In 2006, I was named captain of the England team.

In 2005, I won the BBC sports personality of the year.

I host a radio show on BBC Radio Five Live on Monday night.

I am a former English cricketer.

I played for Lancashire County cricket club.

In early 2011, I became the face of Morrisons supermarket.

My nickname is Freddie.

My first name starts with A.

My second name sounds like Flintstone.

Who am I?

Andrew Flintoff