Organising a Quiz Night ?

Quiz Night Chief is a software application that can save you hours of hassle and help you deliver a top notch quiz night!

  • Over 5000 questions
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  • Generate Reports on each teams performance

Quiz nights are lots of fun and they can raise a lot of money but they can be a pain to organise. You need questions, answer sheets, a script for the MC, a way to score, a way to present the leader board and more...

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- Teresa Sharn, Customer Feedback

Below are Who Am I questions about British Famous People.
Please use them in your Quiz or Trivia Nights free of charge.

Born in London on 13 September 1971, I was the second child of well known parents.

Named after my maternal great grandmothers (both my mother’s grandmothers shared the same name), my parents wanted to give me as normal a childhood as possible.

With my siblings I attended a local state school where I was the victim of bullying as well as being a bully myself.

I became interested in my future career at an early age and was able to refine my skills with the help of my father’s tailor.

I studied my foundation at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication and later the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in the early 1990s.

I’ve been a livelong vegetarian and campaign for Animal rights. This is a cause I inherited from my parents who are also vegetarians.

I have been extremely successful in my chosen career although I have been criticized in the past and some people have said that I had special treatment because of the father’s fame.

I am married with four children.

Who am I?

Stella McCartney